Is Trump Today’s Teddy Roosevelt?

April 27, 2016 - 5 minutes read

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
make violent revolution inevitable.”

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TRUMP GQ IMAGE April 2016 BlogTrump’s appeal emanates from the middle class who have largely been left behind after the great recession of 08-09. He has mastered direct, simple language; and has an uncanny ear for the economic and philosophical grievances of Americans. President Obama has greatly enhanced the benefits of the poor, the near poor and the recent arrivals to the U.S. His focus is on helping those who will most likely help the Democratic Party in future years. But nothing positive has been done for the middle class, regardless of ethnicity, color, or education. Although the key mantra of the Republican Party has been “We will reduce taxes”, the principal beneficiaries of any Republican tax reduction have been the wealthy and large corporations. Again, the middle class has gotten stuck with the bill.

In the current election, Hillary Clinton, as the potential Democratic nominee, has already said that she will raise taxes by $1.0 trillion. Regardless of how she characterizes it, who will pay? Although Trump has successfully courted the middle class, he has to date been vague about any tax reduction for them, preferring to focus on new jobs.

All governments have their ruling class: individuals and groups committed to their survival and well-being.  It’s the history of mankind. The US establishment (Oleography if you will) fears Trump, and Sanders for that matter, as they face the possibility that they might lose their power, status, and benefits. God forbid. And, once lost, they might not get them back, certainly not in their lifetime.

Leaders sometimes migrate into dictators, but eventually they or their siblings are overthrown. Throughout history, revolt has been a way of life. For example, during the period 1900 through 2014, or 114 years, there have only been 12 years when there were no revolutions in the world. By my count, the U.S. has had two revolutions, the first against the UK, and the second, the Civil War.  Neither was peaceful.

In our current world, makers of riot control products are seeing increased demand from law enforcement bodies across America. Insurer Lloyds released a report recently that warned of a “pandemic” of global civil unrest that could go viral, threatening international stability. In a recent report published by Sandler Research, demand for surveillance drones, long-range acoustic devices, and armored vehicles are high on their list that will be used to “disperse, control, and arrest people involved in riots and protests”. It doesn’t sound like they are focusing on terrorists to me.

TR bobble head image April 2016 BlogI’m reminded of the history of Teddy Roosevelt at the turn of the last century. He was born into a wealthy NYC family, watched the casket of President Lincoln pass through the streets of NYC, rode his horse in the Spanish-American War to celebrity status, and then ran for and won the New York Governorship. Once in office, he became despised by the NYC political and economic establishments for his progressive social and economic plans, so they convinced him to accept the powerless position of  vice president as McKinley’s running mate in the election of 1900. Then the unexpected – the 25th President of the United States was fatally wounded and died on September 6, 1901. TR was off to the races, with innovation and new forward-thinking legislation. He broke up the mega-corporations, including Standard Oil. He was a people’s President, eccentric, opinionated, and vocal.  Above all, he was smart, and had a vision, one that the establishment didn’t share. However, his “revolution” was peaceful.

No one really knows what Trump wants or intends if he became President, likely including Trump himself. However, more than any other person in the U.S. today, he has the potential to both start and avert a revolution.

If he were to be elected, it would cost the current oligarchy its well-being, power and influence. They know it, and that why they have spent north of $90 million trying to convince the American public that he is a scoundrel, ill tempered, and not suited to be President.

Sounds like what they accused TR of.


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