We’re passionate about understanding, guiding and helping clients. Our focus is always on what is best for you.

Who We Serve

KKRA provides portfolio management services and candid counsel to individuals, trusts, estates, charitable institutions as well as corporations, publicly traded companies and pension and profit-sharing plans.

Generally, clients with at least $1,000,000 in investable assets benefit most from our services. Though it is important to note that KKRA also has strategies available for those with varying asset profiles or facing a sudden change in life— such as being recently widowed or divorced, or finding themselves with a surge of capital from events like inheritance or a successful IPO.

Individuals & Families

Our strong tradition of serving and preserving wealth for individuals and high net worth multigenerational families gives us insights into estate planning and the shifting dynamics that families encounter. We believe that by building a close personal relationship with you, we are better able to anticipate your future needs as well as those of future generations.

Businesses & Business Owners

As a company in existence for over 30 years, KKRA understands the importance of managing cash for businesses and their owners. We have a well thought-out process to assist you in developing Investment Guidelines for your company — one that is designed to safeguard principal and maintain the financial flexibility to meet your anticipated and unanticipated cash flow needs. Furthermore, should you have an investment board in place, KKRA will meet with them to insure guidelines are clearly communicated and followed.

Non-Profits, Foundations & Endowments

KKRA has worked with charitable institutions for many years. We understand the importance of these organizations within our community, the value of their reputations and the importance of their assets. We are committed to being a supportive partner to assist organizations as they continue to provide programs, services and positive progress within the community.