Our resolve will always be to support our clients, share our knowledge and collaborate in creating a portfolio of assets that will influence future generations.

What We Think

KKRA believes strongly in the importance of providing insights and resources that will support your goals, both financial and lifestyle. We are also committed, both as a firm and on personal levels, to supporting and serving our community. Below, you will find a window into the causes we choose to support, key ideas that are influencing the world and materials created specifically to educate and assist you on your life’s journey.


Many tools are necessary to build, maintain and protect your wealth, and we’re committed to sharing our knowledge in many formats. In addition to the personalized attention and handcrafted expertise you experience in working directly with our team members, we offer the following complimentary assets.

Tuesday Tidbits

Our snack-sized, weekly offering of professional and personal items — ranging from tips, articles, reviews or reports to our favorite causes, new restaurants we’ve tried or upcoming events we think you might enjoy. Keep up and stay in touch with us by signing up for our emails here. -> (The weekly Tidbit will need a home here, along with an archive of past Tidbits.)

Our Community

We passionately support many local charities, believe in the impact people can have on one another and have a great desire to have a positive effect within our community. These are causes that are dear to us.