The personal touch, guidance and commitment we provide is rare in our industry.

What We Do

KKRA offers an incredibly personalized experience by providing innovative and customized solutions to help you achieve your specific goals. We choose to align ourselves with our clients through the fee-based advice model. Because our allegiance is to you, we are able to be completely objective as we work to preserve and build your wealth.

Beyond investments, we feel a duty to contribute to, and collaborate in, your overall strategic success. If you have need for particular professional specialists, we can introduce you to outside experts who share our commitment to both proactive planning and collaboration.

Investment Services

The firm’s investment management services include separately managed portfolios; we seek to construct well-balanced and diversified portfolios based on academic research with the goal of providing investors with superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our primary investment strategies use individual securities including but not limited to stocks, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”), mutual funds and fixed income, as well as the services of other investment managers, to help clients achieve their investment objectives.

We concentrate our expertise on defining your optimal blend of return and risk, by designing a customized portfolio and actively maintaining and adjusting it as the markets and your financial life evolve. Our clients have enjoyed successful results from rigorously adhering to the methods that we have deployed and refined for decades.

Risk Management

Every portfolio is custom-designed, maintained and modified to best accommodate each client’s needs. A portfolio’s allocation and strategy is defined after a client’s objective has been outlined, and we are always available to review and advise on asset allocation parameters.

Our services are performed in accordance with client’s intentions, taking into account return expectations, risk tolerance, changing tax liabilities, liquidity and income needs. Our firm is proactive in suggesting allocation adjustments when we observe one or more of the following: a change in guidelines or long-term objectives, market and/or organizational changes, special projects, short-term operational and liquidity needs.

Financial & Estate Planning

In today’s world, it can be increasingly difficult to segregate investment and portfolio issues from taxes, estate plans and contractual agreements. With your permission, we’ll actively engage the creative capabilities and shared insights of your accounting, tax and legal professionals.

To ensure that your experience with us is satisfying and complete, our firm provides limited financial planning advice to its clients, at no extra charge, including assistance with answers to questions like these:

  • When will I be able to retire?

  • What is the best withdrawal strategy for me when I am retired?

  • How can I use my portfolio to help fund my lifestyle in retirement?

  • Will I need to make any changes to sustain a long retirement?

  • When should I take Social Security?

  • What are the best ways to save for my children’s and grandchildren’s college educations?

  • How can I build a financial legacy?

KKRA also routinely assists with and provides the following services:

  • Monthly reconciliation reports

  • Project funding schedules

  • Specialized reports

  • Donations

  • Estate bequests

  • Audit requests