Press Release – KKRA Announces New Partners

April 27, 2022 - 1 minute read


SEATTLE, Wash., April 27, 2022 – We are pleased to announce that LeAna Alvarado-Smith and Kara Gerhart have become partners and shareholders in Kunath Karren Rinne & Atkin (KKRA). During the pandemic-influenced environment that caused all of us, as companies and individuals, to alter how we do things, both LeAna and Kara have excelled at this and given our clients the clear view that nothing altered our mission to take care of the assets entrusted to us.

LeAna joined KKRA in September of 2002 and worked her way up to the position of Director of Operations and Compliance, which she has held for 15 years. In essence, LeAna oversees our back office, which many of our clients view as the “front office”.

Kara has been with KKRA for over eleven years and has served as our Director of Client Relations from Day One. She always has an upbeat view of things and genuinely enjoys taking care of clients.