Bruce Rinne, Registered Investment Advisor, Founding Partner at KKRA

Bruce Rinne – Partner

Job Title

Bruce, a founding KKRA partner, is a portfolio manager, focusing on managing fixed income, cash and balanced portfolios for our clients. He prides himself on his deep connection with clients and the level of service KKRA provides. Prior to forming KKRA, Bruce worked with Ned Karren as a senior portfolio manager at Seafirst Investment Advisors, where he began his career in investment management.

A University of Washington graduate with local ties, Bruce enjoys the many offerings of the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Rebecca, and two sons. When he wants to escape the securities markets, he likes to head to his woodshop and focus his attentions on creating…sometimes a complex piece of furniture, and others a simple kitchen tool. In either case, he says, “There is something about a sharp spinning blade or the keen edge of a chisel that demands complete attention!”